The invitation for Olympia's and Yiorgos' wedding which took place on the island of Kythnos in Greece. What the couple wanted for their wedding was that the whole thing should be as informal as possible. It should basically be a good excuse for everyone to go to a beautiful place for a few days, have a good time and party.
In the same time we had to find a way to provide all the guests with all the practical information they'd need in order to travel to and stay at Kythnos, since it was a new destination for most. Thus, it was decided that the invitation would be in the format of a poster with would have a dual function. On one side, we made a big illustration of the map of kythnos, accompanied by the portraits of the couple and various elements that had to do with the wedding. This would work as a child's coloring book that the guests could color themselves. On the other side the guests could find all the information that someone visiting Kythnos for the first time would need.
After being printed and folded, the posters were inserted in metal boxes, together with a set of coloring pencils, an eraser and a pencil sharpener. On each box the Color Me Badly logo was screenprinted and a sticker tag, similar to those on childrens' notebooks was pasted. The name of each guest was written on those tags by hand.
Offset printing by Panos Davias.
Screenprinting by Chrysanthos Aggelakis and Tind.
Project photos by
Studio Anastassatos.
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