We were selected by Netflix as one of the Greek creative studios that undertook the task of the localization of a plethora of titles, for both Netflix Originals (Netflix original content) and licensed titles. By the end of the project we had redesigned in Greek a great chunk (800+) of the titles and accompanying material for the movies and shows which are available from Netflix in Greece. For us it was an excellent chance to polish and master our Ps, Ai & 3D Studio Max skills, but also to expand our team with more good designers & friends (see below) who added new skills to the mixBig thanks to them and also to everyone at Netflix involved in the process, it was a true pleasure working with them.
You can see a small selection of the titles we produced here or login to your Netflix account and change the language setting to "Greek".
Netflix.com / Desktop Version (all titles localized by our team)
Netflix application / Iphone SE Version (all titles localized by our team)
Designers: Yiorgos Yiacos, Dimitris Kanellopoulos, Georgia Loumpardi, Demetris Kassapis (intern), Olympia Lioni, Sergio Kotsovoulos, Penny Zevoli.
Project Manager (The Comeback): 
Yiorgos Yiacos
Project Manager (Netflix):
Matthew Kelson
Partner Support​​​​​​​:
 Kylie Realmuto
Creative Producers​​​​​​​​​​​​​​:
 Ella SwensonMichael StewartAlexei KrassovskyJulian SeneviratneYassi Sabahi
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