Redesign of the “Χωρίς Σύνορα” (No Borders) magazine, which is a biannual publication by the Greek department of Médecins Sans Frontières/MSF and is delivered by mail to the 30.000 supporters of the organisation. 
The new logotype works in a specific manner which brings up to the front each issue number, in order to create emphasis on the magazine’s history which is almost 30 years old (issue #100 was published recently). 
Concerning the layout, the goal was dual: On one hand, to make it as clean as possible and thus make sure that information is efficiently passed to the reader. On the other hand, that center stage is given to the exceptional photography from photo reporters that cover the organization’s important work around the globe, wherever help is needed.
Yemen © Agnes Varraine-Leca / MSF 
Fonts (text+subtitles): Parachute
Fonts (titles): Mark Simonson Studio
MSF Greece coordinator: Mitsi Persani
Project Photos: Studio Anastassatos

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