The Pistakios packaging series designed for Megaris Goods, a company that  produces a variety of products in the city of Megara, Greece. These fine quality pistachios come in four different types. Unprocessed fruit in its natural form, Roasted Pistachio with Salted Powder, Roasted Pistachio with Lemon Juice, and finally Raw Pistachio Kernel.
We came up with a family and friends concept, with clean lines and black typography.
The box is made such as you can get your hand inside and get a small portion of pistachios, and that’s because you will need both hands to open them. Then the box closes and seals back in order to keep them fresh. 230gr is usually two portions so we wanted a box solution like that. If you want to order you will first get a samples box containing all four packs of The Pistakios.
The product line is already exported in four different countries and has won two packaging design (bronze) awards at Olymp awards & another Bronze for Packaging at the Hiiibrand design awards.
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