UNICEF commissioned us to design a booklet with infographics in two languages, Greek and English. its subject is the number of children moving across international borders – more and more of them on their own – which is skyrocketing.
In Europe alone, the number of children seeking asylum multiplied almost tenfold from 2008 to 2016, while the share of children among asylum seekers grew from one in five to one in three. As of 2015, 31 M children were living outside their country of birth. Since that same year, a large number of uprooted children have also been crossing the Greek borders, driven by hunger, conflict, violence and severe poverty.

For the design we used simple icons and charts, in one main blue and 3 lighter blue colors. The only difference between the two languages was the front and back cover. We used the girl for the Greek and the boy for the English version. All photos are from the UNICEF's photo data base.

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