Rubber B is a heavy display typeface with very tight open counters & character spacing and non-existent closed counters. It is an amalgam of styles and influences that demands attention. It is comparable with the highly geometric experimental fonts of the '90s and early '00s, but also heavily inspired by decorative fonts of the '60s and the psychedelic poster art of the '70s. Bold and loud, yet delicate, almost calligraphic in some cases.

It works with Latin & Extended Latin, Cyrillic & Extended Cyrillic and Greek.
It comes with 1,500+ glyphs, with more than half of them being ligatures. It also contains several Stylistic Alternates as well as Localised Forms (available through the Open Type Features and also as ligatures). All these features are available in order to not only make sure that it works with as many languages as possible but also that, depending on the specific glyph or ligature one chooses to use, they have the ability to alter the emotional character of the word(s) they’re setting.

Ideal for titles and logos, as it works best in medium and large sizes.

Rubber B is the evolved version of an older experiment font, Rubber Mono, a project from a few years back which was never completed. It was reworked almost from scratch and severely expanded (Rubber Mono had only Latin capitals) during the long months of the quarantine.
Available at MyFonts and WeWorkForThem
Venus von Urbino by Franz Von Lenbach, 1866.
Saturn and Jupiter Conjunction. Copyright: NASA 2021
Vampiros Lesbos by Jesus Franco, 1971.
Ivan the Terrible by Sergei Eisenstein, 1941-1946.
The female pilots of 588th Night Bomber Regiment of the Soviet Airforce, or Night Witches, as the German soldiers called them.
Rubber B is available at MyFonts and WeWorkForThem
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