Suddenly this Summer (Ξαφνικά πέρσι το καλοκαίρι) is the name of the week-long film festival that is being held every summer since 2012 by Free Cinema in one of the beautiful open air cinemas of Athens.
We have been responsible for each year's promotional materials (posters, etc) since its start. These are some of the things we have designed for the first three of the four (2012, 2013, 2014) festivals that have taken place until now.
The first festival took place at the Cine Dexameni open air cinema. We designed the main poster and a teaser poster for each of 10 films shown at the festival that was used for promotion in social media.
We also designed 4 typographic postcards with quotes about summer, in order to promote the site offline as well.
The font used for everything is F Cinematica, a custom font we designed for the Free Cinema website.
The second festival took place at Cine Psyrri open air cinema.
This time it had a theme, love, so it was named The Big L. Again, we designed the main poster and a teaser poster for each of 13 films shown. We also reprinted the 4 typographic postcards.
The third festival took place at the Cine Anesis open air cinema. This year the theme was comedy and the main title was Make them Laugh, taken from the classic song in Signin' in the rain (1952).
We decided to create a series of illustrations for the 13 posters, that were based on either the original film posters or on memorable scenes from each film. We then made a compilation of all the illustrations to use on the main poster.
Left: Presentation of the special as featured at Free Cinema magazine, issue #116
Right: Ad, at LIFO, issue #390 p.74
Photo credit: Yiorgos Kollidas,
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