Hello Majestic Casual

This a collection of more packaging works compiled specifically for you, for the consideration of my application for the Art Director position. Thank you for taking the time.

Rubber B
Concept / Type Design / Development
Doomsday Machine
Concept / Vector Illustration / Type Design / Art Direction
Dousk / Kind of Human
design for music
Parex Shoes Campaign
Concept / Developent / Art Direction / Production
Athens Social + Political Festival
Logo / Branding / Applications
Terry Lee Brown Jr. / Sounds Of Instruments Vol.3
Packaging / design for music
Concept / Creative & Art Direction / Identity Development
Various Works
Strakastrüka Rock Bar
Logo Design / Custom Typography / Identity
Project Management / Localisation / Design / Direction
Sunset Blvd. / Tell Me About America
Packaging / design for music
Various Works 2
Exhibition Art
Work for DesignWalk 07
Exhibition Art
Poster Design / Exhibition Design / Exhibition Art
Solaris 30 Years
Logo Design / Applications / Art Direction
Jazzy Moo
Branding / Packaging / Concept / Art Direction / Illustration / Design
Sunset Blvd. / The Most Beautiful Girl
Packaging / design for music
Vector Illustration
Adidas Originals Street Inspired
Vector Illustration
Hiroshi Watanabe / Genesis
Packaging / design for music
Liberto / Lullaby
Packaging / design for music
Sexy Art Gallery
Vector Illustration
Blue Pilots Project / Flight For Everyone
Packaging / design for music
The Concept of Solidarity
Vector Illustration
Everyday A Story 3
Packaging / design for music
Film & Music Related
Taken for Granted Series / Erotic Museum, Amsterdam
exhibition art
Vector Illustration Series
Free Cinema Magazine
Creative Direction / Editorial Design / Font Design
House of Cards illustration for LWL & Sony Pictures
Vector Illustration
Colverstone Review
Editorial Illustration
The Comeback Font
Open Type Font
Branding / Art Direction / Graphic Applications / Set Design / Work for Performing Arts
Ta Mounakia
Vector Illustration / Typography / Poster Design
Greek Democracy
Concept / Vector Illustration / Poster Design
Beefeater / One Happy Cloud
indoor graphics
Soda Inc / Odyssey
design for music
The Day After Doomsday
Concept / Art Direction / UI
Pain et Tempete
Book Cover Illustration
Swallow & Ribbon
Tattoo Design
Erato, Μuse of Lyric Poetry / Synergastirion
Collaboration / Illustration
SPKR Media Group
Logo Design
16 Volt
Merchandise Design
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